Episode 24: HOLIDAZE!

Tis that time of year, friends! Time to gather with loved ones, eat too much food, get annoyed with family members... and listen to Femoir: The Podcast! Give yourself the gift of laughter this holiday by headting to www.femoir.com for more information and sillies!

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Episode 23: ARMAGEDDON!

The world is ending! The world is ending! Everybody grab a dance partner and do-si-do your way into eternal damnation because those Mayans have got people scared that it's all over very soon! In this episode of Femoir: The Podcast, we go into a deep philosphical debate- as always- about the issue. JUST KIDDING IT'S JUST SILLIES! But hurry and listen before the world comes to an end! More info always at www.femoir.com

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Episode 22: FEM-YOU!

YAY! So much happening in this fun Femoir: The Podcast Episode! All these stories and sketches are totally based on Femoir fan input! How exciting is that?!??! As always, check out www.femoir.com so you can see how you can interact with Femoir all the time! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY ENJOYIEEEE!

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It's election time! And what better way to celebrate the election than a little Femoir: The Podcast silliness! Take your mind off the rabble rabble of politics and enjoy the rabble rabble of sketches and silly voices! Be sure and "Like" Femoir on Facebook so you have a voice in the next podcast episode. All that and more at www.femoir.com. HURRAH FRIENDS!

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Episode 20: BOO!

Scary scare scare time here at Femoir: The Podcast! And just in time for All Hallows Eve! But these sillies are enjoyable year-round. Just like the website, www.femoir.com! See what I did there? Shameless plug! Bwahahahahahhaha!!!

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Boys and girls, it's time to giggle about BOYS AND GIRLS! This episode of Femoir: The Podcast delves into the very essence of what makes each gender's ticker tickity tockity. Always super silly- always super fun. Join in the fun, friends! www.femoir.com for more! HURRAH!

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What is a day in the life of the wacky world of Briana Hansen, the creator of FEMOIR: THE PODCAST, like? Well you get to find out in this episode! Filled with tales of truth and confessions, this is an episode you DO NOT WHAT TO MISS! AND CAPITAL LETTERS EMPHASIZE THAT I HOPE!!! Enjoy! As always, more info at www.femoir.com!

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Better late than never, that's what I always say after I hum "Well Fiddle Dee Dee!" to myself! I guess the moral of this podcast is: NEVER STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF EVEN IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE AROUND. More sillies at www.femoir.com! YAY! ENJOY!

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It's a palendrome! It's a fun thing to say! It's... GOD/DOG! This episode of Femoir: The Podcast explores the spiritual and the furry in only the way Femoir knows how. Extremely superficially. It's short. It's sweet. It is what it is! As always, upcoming episodes themes and more information at the website www.femoir.com. AMEN/RUFFRUFF!

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Episode 15: LOS ANGELES!

Episode 15 published on August 15 which happens to be my birthday?!!? WHAAAT?! That's too crazy! Just like LA- the theme of this week's Femoir: The Podcast! Enjoy the silliness and the craziness. And if you don't... well, don't tell me until my birthday has passed. That's just common courtesy, people! As always, more to see, explore and love at the website www.femoir.com!

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Episode 14: DAY JOB!

In this day and age, people tend to expect you to walk around throwing money in the air and waving it around like you just don't care. At least that's what pop culture has made me believe. And in this episode of Femoir: The Podcast! we're talking about one of the way's you make that MoNeY, hOnEy! YOUR DAY JOB! As always, for more on the Femoir universe, go to the website www.femoir.com. Check out blog posts and videos there, among other website things. It's a website! It has things! Enjoy this episode! DAY JOB! FEMOIR! TRA LA LA!

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Hit things! Run fast! Do something better than someone else in a measurable or tangible way! Feel better about yourself! That's what SPORTS and this episode of Femoir: The Podcast are all about! Please enjoy! Please share with your friends! Please subscribe! Be a good sport (ehhhhh?) And, as always, feel free to visit www.femoir.com for more delightful things! 

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Episode 12: HEARTBREAK!

It's time to grab a gallon of ice cream, pop in a romantic comedy, and get a box of tissues and ready yourself for a FEMOIR episode all about HEARTBREAK (wah waaaaahhhh). Hopefully, you will find some silliness in heatbreak, Friends, and will end this episode with tears of JOY! As always, more info on the official website www.femoir.com. LOTS OF FUN- EVEN IN HEARTBREAK!!!

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Episode 11: FRIENDS!

Feeling lonely? Don't be, silly billy! You've got a friend in me. Yeah you've got a friend in me. blah blah doo bee doo boh doo bee doo, yeah you've got a friend in me. Or in this podcast. This episode, really. Enjoy an episode dedicated to that beautiful thing we call FRIENDSHIP which is done every day by the beautiful people we call FRIENDS! More info always at www.femoir.com HUGGIES!!!!

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Episode 10: I FEEL GOOD!

Sure, it's a little later than usual... but I still FEEL so GOOD about this Femoir: The Podcast Episode! Sketches! Jokes! Sillies! Fun stuff! Check out www.femoir.com for more MoRe MORE!!! xoxox

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What? Huh? I'm sorry, who? SPEAK CLEARLY!... THIS IS AN EPISODE ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION!!! (GET IT!?) I'll stop the caps now. That was intense. Whew! Enjoy this very special Femoir: The Podcast. And, as always, check out the website for more information- www.femoir.com. 

And are you a subscriber yet? Can you feel me communicating my disappointment if you are not yet subscribed to this free podcast? Feel it... FEEL IT! BACK TO THE CAPS! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

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Episode 8: YUMMY!

Hungry for more Femoir: The Podcast? Good thing this episode is food-themed to satiate that hunger. Mmmmmmm. Enjoy a new delicious episode! And be sure and check out more information at www.femoir.com and subscribe on iTunes and tell a friend and have lots of fun and and and and... and...and yeah.

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Another fun show from Femoir: The Podcast! Special friends! Special sketches! Special times! DON'T FREAK OUT TOO MUCH WHEN YOU HEAR IT!!!! And, as always, subscribe for free or check out the new femoir.com. OR BOTH! WHY NOT!?!?! THAT'S NOT OVERREACTING!!!! TYPING IN ALL CAPS, HOWEVER, IS!!!! 

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Episode 6: SEXINESS!

Femoir: The Podcast presents... Sexiness. Another fun episode! Hope you enjoy it! Also... SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES! And check out www.brianahansen.com for more exciting updates!

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Femoir Presents: What Just Happened? Another fun sketch show from the lady of www.brianahansen.com. Check it out. Do that thing. Big kisses!

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Another week, another episode, another HURRAH!!!! Visit www.brianahansen.com for more information. Updates on Femoir coming soon... maybe even a little iTunes action. What a woooooooooooooorld!!!

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Femoir the Podcast Presents: MUSIC! A themed show! Can you believe it? For more info, check out www.brianahansen.com and as always feel free to email briana@brianahansen.com

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Here's the second episode of the theatrical solo-show-turned-podcast, Femoir! More info check out www.brianahansen.com or email briana@brianahansen.com. YESSSSSSS!!!!

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Episode 1: Femoir The Podcast DEBUT!
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