Episode 14: DAY JOB!

In this day and age, people tend to expect you to walk around throwing money in the air and waving it around like you just don't care. At least that's what pop culture has made me believe. And in this episode of Femoir: The Podcast! we're talking about one of the way's you make that MoNeY, hOnEy! YOUR DAY JOB! As always, for more on the Femoir universe, go to the website www.femoir.com. Check out blog posts and videos there, among other website things. It's a website! It has things! Enjoy this episode! DAY JOB! FEMOIR! TRA LA LA!

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Hit things! Run fast! Do something better than someone else in a measurable or tangible way! Feel better about yourself! That's what SPORTS and this episode of Femoir: The Podcast are all about! Please enjoy! Please share with your friends! Please subscribe! Be a good sport (ehhhhh?) And, as always, feel free to visit www.femoir.com for more delightful things! 

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Episode 12: HEARTBREAK!

It's time to grab a gallon of ice cream, pop in a romantic comedy, and get a box of tissues and ready yourself for a FEMOIR episode all about HEARTBREAK (wah waaaaahhhh). Hopefully, you will find some silliness in heatbreak, Friends, and will end this episode with tears of JOY! As always, more info on the official website www.femoir.com. LOTS OF FUN- EVEN IN HEARTBREAK!!!

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