Episode 43: A GHOST STORY!

HI AGAIN FRIENDS! We're back with the latest Femoir: The Podcast IN TRANSITION! This week, I'm telling my favorite ghost story in honor of All Hallows Eve!!! Hope you enjoy it. Catch ya at Femoir.com for all the LATEST and the GREATEST!!!

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Hey Friends. Lots of changes are going down in Femoir: The Podcast land. And since I don't yet have the time to dedicate to all these changes, I'm explaining the game plan for the rest of the year in this very short, very personal, very talky episode. Email me at briana@brianahansen.com so I can hear WHAT YOU WANT! As always, lots and lots and lots of lovies!!!

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Episode 41: HOME!

Where is my heart when it's not with you, friends? it's HOME of course! Just like this Femoir: The Podcast episode! Sillies abound! Even more at the website www.femoir.com! YAY!

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Episode 40: FALLIN'!

Fallin for me? You're too sweet, friend. I'm totally fallin' for you! Let's freefall together and enjoy this episode of Femoir: The Podcast presents: FALLIN! Always more at www.femoir.com!

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SO EXCITED FOR THIS SPECIAL RAP COMPILATION! This Femoir: The Podcast is all the rap songs from the past 14 episodes back to back to back to back to back! SO EXCITING! SO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!! As always, more information at www.femoir.com! 

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Episode 38: BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to me! Here's my gift to you! The latest (and mostest funnest and properest spellingest) episode of Femoir: The Podcast themed BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoy the heck out of it and it makes whatever day you listen to it feel as special as you birthday and as special as you are. Because you are special, friend. You're my special friend.

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Episode 37: HOT!

Just in time for the hottest part of summer... it's the hottest new episode of Femoir: The Podast themed HOT! Did you get that from all the ways I was using hot just now!? AMAZING, ISN'T IT? Imagine the hotness that's contained within this episode if the hotness is overwhelming in the description! Actually, you don't have to imagine it! It's right there waiting for your listening pleasure! As always, check out www.femoir.com for more frantic fun!

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Episode 36: DOWN AND OUT!

Heya friends! Don't feel so blue! Sure, you may seem DOWN AND OUT right now, but this Femoir: The Podcast episode should make you feel better in no time! As always, much more fun and information at www.femoir.com!

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Doing too much, friends? Find yourself constantly exchausted because you don't know your own limits? Take a little breather from the every day world and enjoy this Femoir: The Podcast episode themed OVER-ACHIEVERS! As always, plenty more to learn and over-achieve on at www.femoir.com

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Episode 34: COMPUTERS!

Finally, friends! We've got another Femoir: The Podcast episode up and running! This silly billy is well worth the wait, I promise. We're discussing binary code and um jargon and um... COMPUTERS! As always, more information at www.femoir.com!

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Episode 33: COLLEGE!

Just like college, this episode is better late than never, friends! Hope you enjoy this latest incarnation of Femoir: The Podcast! And if you can't get enough... check out the website www.femoir.com for constant updates and videos and whatnot! Now put on those thinking caps and enjoy THIS EPISODE!

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Episode 32: COURTSHIP!

In this highly-anticipated episode of Femoir: The Podcast, we delve into the deep, dark world of love and attraction. And by delve, I mean we mention it once or twice. As always, lots of sillies, friends! As always, even more on the website femoir.com! I'm totally in love with you, friends! TOTALLY IN LOVE!

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Episode 31: PARTY!

A fashionably late episode... but totally worth the wait! Femoir: The Podcast happily presents PARTY! Get yourself ready to move and groove to the beat and enjoy this episode! More information always available at femoir.com! YAY PARTY FRIENDS!

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Talking about all the ways we move around this crazy world in this episode of Femoir:The Podcast, friends. Still trying the new format, still trying to make you laugh, still trying to be CRAYCRAY. And now regretting that I used the word craycray... NEWS AND INFO AT FEMOIR.COM! Enjoy!

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Episode 29: HISTORY!

Warning, friends! This is a HIGHLY educational show and you might actually learn something. Like how fun it is to listen to Femoir: The Podcast! More information as always at www.femoir.com. Enjoy!

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Episode 28: ENEMIES!

Time to tackle the dark side, friends! This Femoir: The Podcast is themed ENEMIES! Inspired by things that go bump in the night (when those things are humans who want to hurt you), this is another fun-filled, silly billy episode that I hope you enjoy immensely! More info, as always, at www.femoir.com. YAY FRIENDS! (and ENEMIES!)

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Episode 27: FASHION!

Talk about getting pretty! Femoir: The Podcast presents FASHION! Enjoy the stories of triumph and tragedy that revolve around the land of the pretty people. Or at least my wacko minds version of whatever the heck I just said. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! ENJOY FRIENDS! More info always at www.femoir.com. 

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Episode 26: WHY NOT?!

We're back, friends! After a little breakiepooh to work on Femoir:  Live!, Femoir: The Podcast makes its triumphant return with a tweaked format and giggles galore as always! More information, AS ALWAYS, at www.femoir.com! HURRAH, FRIENDS!

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We're back, friends! And we're trying all new fun and funky things on this Femoir: The Podcast. Lots of changes! Lots of fun! Lots of podcast! Lots of YAY! More information at www.femoir.com!

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