Episode 68: Resistance & Resilience

We're back! Can you believe it friends? We're being RESILIENT and overcoming the RESISTANCE and bringing you another Femoir: The Podcast episode about those two very things!

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Episode 67: Balance

How do you keep it all in place without getting all outta wack, friends? I don't know! But I do know I can talk about it for a little bit and that's exactly what I did on this episode of Femoir: The Podcast! Show notes and much more at my website brianahansen.com!

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Episode 66: Mentors

Finding that special someone to teach you and tell you it's gonna be all ok isn't easy, friends. But on this Femoir: The Podcast we talk about why it's so valuable! As always, show notes and much more at my website brianahansen.com!

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We (finally) get around to discussing the habits that can make you happier, friends. These are also known as "Happiness Habits." I hope you enjoy them and learn. As always, show notes and more at my website brianahansen.com.

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In this long-awaited episode of Femoir: The Podcast, I talk about how important it's been in my life to maintain the perspective of giving something my complete and total attention and effort. And I also ramble about other things, but that's to be expected. Enjoy friends!

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Friends often ask me about the City of Angels that I happen to call home. And when they do, I'm happy to talk about this wonderful, magical (and often difficult) city. I condensed most of what I've learned about myself and about city life here into this podcast. I hope you learn and I hope you enjoy and I want to know if you agree!

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I don't end things well, friends. But I do have some stories of when things have ended and what I've learned from them. Maybe you have ideas on how to be better about closure, too? Listen in and let me know what you think! Show notes and more as always at www.brianahansen.com

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Have some patience with me, friends, and I'll do the same for you! This week's Femoir: The Podcast is all about the why's and how's of why we need patience on this wild and crazy ride we call life. As always, show notes and more at www.brianahansen.com

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It's the little things, friends, that make the content for this Femoir: The Podcast episode. More information and entertainment at www.brianahansen.com. Enjoy!

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Quiet that active mind, friend, and meditate! This Femoir: The Podcast episode I make the case for meditation- I hope you hear me out. Let me know what you think. Show notes and much more as always at www.brianahansen.com.

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I've got lots to say about MONEY on this Femoir: The Podcast. Not a lot of money in general in my life, but at least lots to say on the subject! Give it a gander and let me know what you think! Show notes and lots more at www.brianahansen.com

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Don't stress, friends! We're here with another Femoir: The Podcast to talk all about how that stress will do you NO GOOD! Take a listen and let me know what you think. As always, show notes and more at www.brianahansen.com!

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Laugh it off, friends! In this episode of Femoir: The Podcast, I talk about trying not to take yourself too seriously. And I don't take the talk all that seriously... but I think the message is still important all the same! Show notes and lots more at www.brianahansen.com!

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Episode 55: Being Open

Openness has gotten me in a lot of trouble and a lot of adventures, Friends. In this episode of Femoir: The Podcast, I encourage you to be more open to the excitement around you! And I want to hear how it goes! No idea how you can be more open? I have a list for you in the show notes (and lots more fun articles and distractions) at www.brianahansen.com

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Does everything happen for a reason, friends? Does it even matter? In this episode of Femoir: The Podcast, we yammer on about the meaning behind it all, if there even is one, and why you gotta respect the timing of it all. Show notes and lots more at www.brianahansen.com!

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That's right, my dearest friends. This episode is all about you... my wonderful friends! And what that even means. Warning: My voice is extremely tired in recording this podcast. Warning: As a result, it sounds super sexy. Male listeners beware! As always, show notes and more at www.brianahansen.com!

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The Oscars just happened. Lots of people were doing lots of celebrating and lots of thanking. So let's talk about it on this episode of Femoir: The Podcast. Show notes and much more at www.brianahansen.com!

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Shhh! It's time to be quiet! In this short podcast episode, we discuss all the benefits of taking advantage of a little quiet time in the morning or evening- whenever you can get it. This new podcast formula is a little bit goofy meets a little bit of self improvements meets a little bit of soul searching meets a little bit of pure slapstick. Show notes and more at www.brianahansen.com!

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It's the 50th episode! OMG! And to celebrate, we're talking about one of my favorite topics... LOVE! And, of course, upgrades. Because what's a Femoir: The Podcast without a little nerdiness? Show notes and lots more at brianahansen.com!

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What happens when you break it all down, friends? I don't know! But I do know what I felt when it happened to me and what I learned and what I want to share with the world now as a result of it. Hope you enjoy! Show notes and more at www.brianahansen.com.

Sorry for all the mishaps in uploading- new Garage Band... new rules... THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

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Episode 48: Thoughts

Today, friends, we talk about our "mind stuff" aka our thoughts and how powerful and wonderful they are. My own mind thought right now is how I'm behind and need to get going with lots of stuff...so that's all I'm gonna say about that! Show notes will be up on www.brianahansen.com later today (briana@brianahansen.com). LOTS OF LOVIES!

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Episode 47: Forgivness

Back again friends to talk about comedy and happiness- two worlds that should intersect a lot more than they do. Discussing forgiveness- one of the toughest and post powerful tools we've got the olde human emotional toolshed. Let me know what you think! Briana@BrianaHansen.com and check out the website brianahansen.com for show notes and more fun extras between podcasts!

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Episode 46: Gut

Getting down to the guts and glory this Femoir: The Podcast episode friends. This one is a particularly difficult topic for me because my head is really good at telling my gut it's wrong. So listen to the podcast and my own stories and let me know yours! Briana@BrianaHansen.com. Also let me know any ideas you have for future podcast topics or stories or issues! Loooooooviessss!

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Episode 45: Letting go (1.7.14)

Friends- we are finally figuring out this new version of Femoir: The Podcast. We're gonna focus on comedy and happiness- and ways to achieve that happiness and hopefully find and create more laughter in your life. Today... it's all about LETTING GO. Show notes on the Femoir blog (www.femoir.wordpress.com) along with more info about these shenanigans. Email briana@brianahansen.com with suggestions, feedback, topics, compliments on my hair...whatever! 

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It's a new year and in Femoir tradition, we're totally revamping the podcast. It's totally different. Totally. Brah.

I want to hear what you think. I want it to be interactive. I want it to be different. And fun. And funny. And entertaining.

And mostly... I want to make it consistent so we can continue our ongoing conversation through these interwebs.

Happy New Year, Friends! We're back in bi'ness.


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