Episode 48: Thoughts

Today, friends, we talk about our "mind stuff" aka our thoughts and how powerful and wonderful they are. My own mind thought right now is how I'm behind and need to get going with lots of stuff...so that's all I'm gonna say about that! Show notes will be up on www.brianahansen.com later today (briana@brianahansen.com). LOTS OF LOVIES!

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Episode 47: Forgivness

Back again friends to talk about comedy and happiness- two worlds that should intersect a lot more than they do. Discussing forgiveness- one of the toughest and post powerful tools we've got the olde human emotional toolshed. Let me know what you think! Briana@BrianaHansen.com and check out the website brianahansen.com for show notes and more fun extras between podcasts!

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Episode 46: Gut

Getting down to the guts and glory this Femoir: The Podcast episode friends. This one is a particularly difficult topic for me because my head is really good at telling my gut it's wrong. So listen to the podcast and my own stories and let me know yours! Briana@BrianaHansen.com. Also let me know any ideas you have for future podcast topics or stories or issues! Loooooooviessss!

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Episode 45: Letting go (1.7.14)

Friends- we are finally figuring out this new version of Femoir: The Podcast. We're gonna focus on comedy and happiness- and ways to achieve that happiness and hopefully find and create more laughter in your life. Today... it's all about LETTING GO. Show notes on the Femoir blog (www.femoir.wordpress.com) along with more info about these shenanigans. Email briana@brianahansen.com with suggestions, feedback, topics, compliments on my hair...whatever! 

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It's a new year and in Femoir tradition, we're totally revamping the podcast. It's totally different. Totally. Brah.

I want to hear what you think. I want it to be interactive. I want it to be different. And fun. And funny. And entertaining.

And mostly... I want to make it consistent so we can continue our ongoing conversation through these interwebs.

Happy New Year, Friends! We're back in bi'ness.


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