Friends often ask me about the City of Angels that I happen to call home. And when they do, I'm happy to talk about this wonderful, magical (and often difficult) city. I condensed most of what I've learned about myself and about city life here into this podcast. I hope you learn and I hope you enjoy and I want to know if you agree!

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I don't end things well, friends. But I do have some stories of when things have ended and what I've learned from them. Maybe you have ideas on how to be better about closure, too? Listen in and let me know what you think! Show notes and more as always at www.brianahansen.com

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Have some patience with me, friends, and I'll do the same for you! This week's Femoir: The Podcast is all about the why's and how's of why we need patience on this wild and crazy ride we call life. As always, show notes and more at www.brianahansen.com

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It's the little things, friends, that make the content for this Femoir: The Podcast episode. More information and entertainment at www.brianahansen.com. Enjoy!

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