This episode centers around a story of a woman who was terrified of the world's cutest dogs...and the lessons that can be learned from her paralyzing fear. And, of course, I discuss how cute my dogs are ad nauseam.

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In this episode, we get into the flow by talking about, yep, FLOW.

There's also some wisdom shared that a lady who works at a local grocery store imparted unto me.

There's some self reflection, self deprecation, and general joy for your ENJOYMENT - so ENJOY!

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Whodathunkit - we're BACK, friends. Sure, I may have said we'd be back in 2016, but what's a few years amongst friends. This is a little sneak peek at what the upcoming season will hold and a nice little chat on being blocked creatively and believing in your own voice. Show notes and more as always at brianahansen.com.

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