Anything I have ever achieved that I'm proud of has come from a series of small decisions I stubbornly continued to make and never from some major big thing I decided to do once.

It's in those tiny little decisions we consistently do that real growth happens. And that's what this podcast is about

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I had an annoying experience recently that was a great reminder that there's really not much we can control...even if it's fun to pretend like we can.

We explore that and how all you can control is your attitude in this episode. Enjoy!

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Momentum is necessary to any achievement. But boy oh boy, it can seem like a fickle beast that's intimidating to reign in. 

In this episode, we talk about recognizing and gaining momentum, what to expect once you start getting some, and how to get it again if it's lost.

All that and oh so much more.

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If you want to welcome new, exciting things in your life, you HAVE to make space for them. Too often we're emotional hoarders who think we can make change in our future by doing everything we've always done but just adding more to the plate.

I've learned the hard way life doesn't work like that. If you want to do new things, you have to decide what old patterns you're willing to give up in order to do them. And that's what we talk about in this episode.

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